The Race Is Over

Breaking news!
Scientists have discovered
there are no races
no caucasians, no negroes,
no asians, no indians.
It seems that we are all from
a little town in Africa
we’re not only brothers,
sisters, cousins,
we are neighbors!
Why haven’t they told
the KKK, the Nazis,
and all the other bigots?
Why haven’t they told
those landlords who say,
“Sorry I just rented the place.”
Why haven’t they told
the bosses who don’t hire,
don’t promote certain races?
Why haven’t they told
the police who think
driving while Black is a crime?
Why?         Why?         Why?
They say that nine out of ten
space aliens can’t tell the difference
between a white man and a black man,
or women.
Why haven’t they told Limbaugh and Dobbs
and those who hated Martin Luther King,
and now hate Barack Obama, that
they, too, are African.
Why haven’t they told us
that with race, there can be no racism?
So I’m here to tell you
that even snide racism comments
cannot be told, except to another African.
Stop it now and we can all be friendly neighbors,
And if you don’t like it, you can kiss by African ass.

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