Gestapo Tactics Must End

On July 22, Alesia Thomas, a 35-year-old African-American woman was killed in South Central during a beating by LAPD who said she was “resisting arrest.” The beating included one officer kicking her in the genitals.

On Aug. 18
, 20-year-old Ronald Weekley, also an African-American, was skateboarding home on Rose Avenue when members of the LAPD’s “Violent Crime Squad” went after him because he was allegedly skating on the wrong side of the street. Weekley was tackled from behind while opening his front door. He sustained a concussion, broken cheekbone, and broken nose. Why was the Violent Crime Squad concerned with a minor vehicle code infraction?

On Aug. 21, Michelle Jordan, was slammed to the ground in Tujunga after she was stopped for holding a cell phone while driving. Jordan apparently didn’t move fast enough to obey the cops and was slammed to the ground, twice.

How many other acts of random violence have the LAPD perpetrated out of sight of video cameras and smart phones?

Cops on Steroids?

Why are the police so violent? At least some Venice bodybuilders believe they are exhibiting the same behavior they have seen in the gym from bodybuilders who are taking steroids. Are there drug tests for police? Do they get tested for steroid use?

Three Strikes and You’re Out

If these were criminals and not cops, they would be behind bars for life, according to California’s Three Strike Law.

An Army of Occupation

The LAPD has long acted as an army of occupation in Venice. It’s time we said farewell to these black-shirted, gun-toting, tough guys who create for problems than they solve. After restoring Venice Cityhood, we can decide how we want public order preserved. We might want to create a Venice Peacekeeping Dept. that would be unarmed, but could call on the County Sheriffs or Santa Monica Police if a violent situation developed. Let’s give it a try. Anything would be better than being treated as if we were under occupation.

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