George McGovern Dies for Our Sins

George McGovern Dies for Our Sins
I think of George McGovern this night.
He is lying in South Dakota
with the life force draining out of him
It will be his second death.
In 1972, he died for our sins
crucified before millions
because he loved us so.
He loved the four students
who were gunned down
at Kent State
He loved those who suffered
severe poverty and 
racist hatred.
He even loved those who 
were turned against him
by evil men.
But most of all, I think 
he loved the victims 
of the horrendous war in Vietnam.
He loved the Americans 
and the Vietnamese
without distinction.
He knew the 
masterminds of war
were in Washington
Where old men
vainly tried to hold
back the tide of history
He saw that the war
could not be stopped
without a dramatic act.
And so, in the Summer of 72
he took all our sins 
upon himself.
He said, I will be your sacrificial lamb.
Let me be the focus of their hatred
so all of you can go free
Don’t despair my friends,
your fight for justice was right.
our dream will come again
From this defeat, 
and my sacrifice
will come our victory.
We will win a world
of peace and decency
if it takes a hundred years
A world where every child, man
and women is well fed,
educated, housed and happy.
That is my legacy to you.

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