My remarks on receiving the “Spirit of Venice” Award, Oct. 7, 2012

The Spirit of Venice
is the light that shines over our fair city
and distinguishes us from all the others.

The Spirit of Venice
means we would rather enjoy life
that chase after the almighty dollar.

The Spirit of Venice
means we would rather watch a sunset
than watch a TV show.

Will the Spirit of Venice survive?
As our immortal poet laureate Philomene Long said
in a poem written for Bill Rosendahl’s inauguration:

“who will walk upon our footsteps into the next century
That the light of Venice not be extinguished
Nor diminished, nor simply be maintained
But that light burn, burn, burn into a boundless Luminosity!”

And a line of my own:
“In Venice, time goes by,
but the magic remains.”

Thank you, and keep the Spirit of Venice alive.